Happy National Pig Day!

Anna Allen

Today is National Pig Day! If you have ever visited the farm, or if you've been following our social media, you know that our farm is home to quite few pigs. Our pigs are Kune Kune pigs to be exact. This heritage breed originates from New Zealand, they are docile and a small. Not too small though, as the males can get to be around 350 pounds when they reach maturity. They are slow growing and gentle on the land, which is why we picked this breed for our farm. Their short snouts make them less likely to root in the ground. This doesn't mean that they will not root, as pigs will do this to cool themselves off or if they have found a tasty morsel in the ground.

They come in a variety of colors and most have long coarse hair. They are very friendly. As with any pig, they love food but a close second is belly rubs. They will lay down and flop over for belly rubs quite quickly. They can be raised on pasture and we supplement their alfalfa hay with pig feed.

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