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Detergent free Dish Soap Set

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What goals have you set for this new year? One of our goals for 2020 is to use less plastic. Hubby and I both work in the medical field. With the required sterility of equipment and tools needed in the medical industry, we see a lot of plastic waste. It’s important for us to reduce and reuse when possible at home and on the farm. If we each make an effort to reduce plastic, I believe we can make an impact. In an effort to reduce plastic and to help you achieve this goal with us, we offer our handmade detergent-free dish solid soap set in a glass jar together with a 100% cotton hand knitted dish towel and a bamboo bristle brush. This 100% coconut oil soap works amazing and can also be used to clean anything and everything around the house. Simply wet your brush or cloth in water and rub the soap for great suds and lather. These are all beautifully packaged in a paper box.


Ours soaps are free of petrochemicals, parabans, sulfates, and detergents.